Brand Awareness- 10 Ideas to Consider

Property Betterment Leads | Jun 22nd, 2016| Business

Being online nowadays is an expectation, not the exception.  With everyone screaming, “look at me?!” “hire me?!” capturing your lead’s and clients attention is more important than ever.  Get the leads aware of your home improvement brand while maintaining your current relationship with clients by following the tips below regarding your general contractor brand.

1. Website Optimization

Make sure you use the correct words on your website like home improvement, general contractor, the city you work in, etc. Write out in detail the services you offer.  Under images of services you offer, write a description.  Pick the best domain with keyword research. Also, research keywords that leads and clients search for and build articles, blogs, or at least write a paragraph around it.  These keywords will help drive traffic to your business online.

2.Make Me Fall in Like With You 

No one wants to work with someone they don’t know at least a little about.  Your clients and leads want to get to know you, your purpose for your business, and even why this particular business.  The whole goal is to write about yourself in a way to make you likable, which will lead to potential customers trusting you to do work.

3.Your Website is Your North Star

Whether it be online or print marketing, your email signature, or business card send all leads to your website.

4.Consistency in All Marketing Efforts

Don’t use a logo form 1998 on your business card, and a logo from 2005, on your newsletter, and a logo from 2016 on your website.  Colors- Pick out the colors you want to use and use them everywhere- on your website, landing page, business cards, newsletter, emails.  Your Image- Use the same profile picture everywhere- on your newsletter, business cards, and billboards.  This method of consistency allows the lead to recognize your brand and you instantly.

5.Be in the Front

People need to see your brand regularly to remember you and to pick you over someone else.  You have to constantly find a way to get yourself in front of customers and leads so they select you for their home improvement needs.

6. Be Helpful to Current Clients and Potentials

Sometimes clients want to DIY and reach out to you to get your opinion.  Give it.  They were probably going to do it themselves anyways regardless if you helped or not.  Take the opportunity to write up a blog or newsletter about the DIY and the suggestions you gave.  Give ideas freely to clients and leads so they think of you as the expert to turn to the next time they have a project for you or when someone they know has a project.

7. Be Wordy

Get your market connected to you on multiple platforms like linking your newsletter to your website. Create content, either a blog, articles, newsletters, and even print and point it all back to your website to create online brand awareness.

8. Get The Word Out

Create a video as a way to get content to clients.  You can also use Facebook live function and record the completion of a project and share it live with viewers.  You can even hold a Q&A on Facebook live so people who are interested in your business can get in touch with you and see you.

9. Be a Social Butterfly

Use social media to build your brand.  Ask yourself where is your market- on Facebook, Instagram, Houzz app- and make your presence known there by marketing to them where they “hang out” most.

10. Be a Sponsor

Get in front of as many people as possible by sponsoring an event.  You can show off your logo, your person, your team, your brand.  You can also use the goodwill of the sponsorship for years to come.

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