4 More Photo Apps for Contractors

Property Betterment Leads | Oct 9th, 2016| Marketing

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Using Photo Apps and Video Enhancement Apps are useful to:

  • Get your point across faster in an engaging manner
  • Share information on the photo or in the video
  • Grab attention of leads who are bombarded with still images all day
  • Stand out among all the other beautiful photos out there
  • Share to social media, email, or text
  • Make ads on Facebook
  • Make your site relevant to viewers in 2016

Listed below are 4 more video and photo apps to consider:

  • Over
  • Flipagram
  • Pic Play Post
  • Hyperlapse


This is a cool photo app that adds styled text, clip art, shapes to your photo.

For example you remodeled a kitchen.  Take a picture and put text hoovering over every unique item you used in the remodel like refurbished barn door or vintage lamp fixtures.  Text can be made smaller or bigger, rotated, and more.  You can also add layers of text to explain a photo collage like Before, In Progress, Completed.  You can paint an entire house and post images of each room after you complete the job and add text, “2000 sq ft home looks brand new in under 2 hours.”   You can use the text on a collage to point out subtle changes you made.  You can also put text over a photo pointing out an issue existing clients should check for in their home to prevent further damage.


Flipagram is very much on trend when it comes to making videos and photo video slideshows quickly.  You are able to apply effects and popular free music to your project.  You are able to add filters, adjust speed, and reorder the selected image, crop and zoom your photos and videos.  Say you worked on a hip new loft.  You can take images and videos and add the latest music to your project and upload.

Pic Play Post

Merge multiple videos into one collage along with pictures that can rotate like a slideshow.  You are able to add GIFs, music, and a watermark.  When you do a remodel, paint job, or landscaping gig you can shoot a short video explaining what you did, “We remodeled the kitchen to include granite countertops, a barn door, and all new appliances.” You can take pictures of each part of the kitchen and upload it as a collage.  You are able to do the same thing with every single place you work.  You can say, “This beautiful garden has been updated to include a koi pond surrounded by new plants and a bridge.” Then you can shoot a second video panning or zooming into the garden.


Takes a longer video and compresses it down.  So say you shoot a video of you doing a 6 hour long job.  You can shoot a 6 hour video and speed it up until it’s just 30 seconds. Once on social media or on your website, people can view you doing a satisfactory job without having to watch 6 hours of it.  In this case, you would use a tripod (no one is going to hold a smart phone for 6 hours).  However, you don’t have to have a tripod or other bulky equipment for every project.

Hyperlapse has an internal stabilizer so if you shoot a video of you walking through a job, your video will look like it was shot professionally.  So if you are walking through a major job of a house or a yard, the video will look seamless.  Even if you trip a little while making the video, the stumble won’t ruin the video.

Photography, creation of video and collages is fun, however the whole point of using video and photo apps is to get leads and build your business.  Keep that in mind when you complete your projects to entice leads and clients to engage your services.

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