5 Photo Apps Contractors Can Download To Best Competition

Property Betterment Leads | Oct 4th, 2016| Business, Marketing

A crop of easy to use photo apps have been on the market for some time and it is time that Contractors take advantage of them to get leads. Sometimes an image is better if it looks like a hand drawing, sometimes an image looks more appealing when it is enhanced with color blocking, and other times you have so many photos you want to share it is better to make a collage.  Download a few of these apps which help you directly load your images to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.  You’ll also be able to email them to yourself and others or upload to sites like What’s App.  You can print out your works of art to frame them for your office space too.

Standing out online means more views, more clicks, more post engagement, more calls, and more business to you and not your competitor.  It just takes a few moments to download the apps and to modify the images.

All these image enhancement apps are free too as of 10/03/2016.

  • Live Collage
  • My Sketch
  • Pic Stitch
  • Photo Splash
  • Lumyer

Live Collage
Live Collage has a powerful photo editor. You can add text, change the font type, add stickers, modify your background, enhance the image, rotate images, crop and move the image around within the border and add and change the shape of the border. There are 5000 layouts so not just square images.  It allows for a lot of freedom to make the photos look professional or fun.

Say you upload three pictures. The images are immediately put into a number of layouts so you can scroll through and select the one you like best instead of imaging how you think it should look like.  Within the collage you can edit each image. For example you can have two in black and white, and one is color. It saves to your photo album automatically once you are done.

My Sketch
My Sketch takes any of your photos and changes it to look like a sketch.  You pick out a photo or take a photo, crop the image as necessary, select a frame and filter. The app will change the appearance on the image to look like it was drawn by hand.  You can choose a number of filters (20) to make the image look more vintage or as if drawn on a canvas.  You can also change things like brightness before you save.

Pic Stitch
You can use Pic Stitch to make a collage.  For example for any project you do you can do a before and after collage.  The problem with posting your images on feeds is in order to see the before and after images, you have to scroll up and down. With this app, you can put the images right next to each other or above and below so comparing the difference is easier.  Another use is for big jobs like new windows that go floor to ceiling, you can put together 3 images and make a short video panning the view- that’s impressive!

You would choose your collage layout (245 already uploaded collage layouts or you can create your own), and use filters to change the way the image looks like.  You can use any one of the free filters to modify your image.

Photo Splash
You would use Photo Splash to modify an image using selective colorization. You can make an image pop by making the background black and white and leave the part of the image you want to stand out in color. You are able to to zoom in on the image to do detailed splash changes.  The image can be both color to gray or gray to color. As you are editing the image, you’ll be able to see the change happening immediately.

You can bring your image to life with special effects like covering a finished kitchen with confetti or add butterflies landing on a newly landscaped yard. Its real video effects to animate and boost your pictures to make you stand out from competition. There are over 100 effects.

Select a photo from your photo album or take a photo, apply an effect to animate the image- you can apply two effects too.  You can also add text to the image.

Pro Tip

You can use more than one app at a time.  Say you take an after image of a kitchen remodel, use My Sketch to make it look like a hand drawn picture.  Next use Live Collage to select a before remodel picture, the “hand sketch” photo and an after remodel photo.  Put all three images into one collage. Potential leads will pay attention to a little pizzazz.  Don’t just limit yourself to one app, but modify the image as you would like in multiple apps.

Remember to focus your time to get clicks, questions, and business.  This is a free, relatively easy, and enormously effective way to stand out.  Take a few minutes to download the apps to use for your contracting business, modify the images, add videos, add effects, and get yourself in front of leads and clients.

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