Use Instagram To Generate Leads for your General Contracting Business

Property Betterment Leads | Oct 18th, 2016| Business, Instagram, Lead Generation

As a general contractor, your Instagram account cannot be filled to the brim with “call me,” “let me get you an estimate” or “I do the best work” plastered over images or in the description section.  No one wants to be sold to by a business.  The best way to get followers and to generate leads on Instagram for your general contracting business is to be yourself, share things you want to see, share things you are inspired by in regards to your business and personal life.

Your focus can be twofold:

  • Get people interested in your image and therefore interested in you.
  • Remind people that you exist so you are on their mind.

Here a number of ways to go about doing that.

Client’s Happy Moments

Say a client posted on Instagram a special moment in their life i.g. the birth of a child, a graduation, weddings, etc.  You don’t have mention your general contracting business even once.   You post a beautiful image and use some text overlay (See our Photo Apps Blog, specifically the Over App) saying Congratulations on… and post it.  You are sharing a moment with them in their life that they are happy about.

Instagram can be used to maintain current relationships not just get new business.  Maintaining the relationship gets business too because you are on their mind when someone they know is in need of your services.

Pro tip- if you are on good terms with the client take an online moment offline by calling to congratulate them.  

Related Images

Say you are a gardener.  You can post images of gnomes, paths lit by solar lights, beautiful garden fixtures, close up of an exotic flower, images of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  You can say things like, “Look at this gnome.  I know he is up to no good,” or “brick walk paths lite by moonlight- you know, just romantic everyday things ” (not a strong writer? check out our writing tips blog).

So you aren’t saying look at me, I do gardens, hire me.  You are saying, I appreciate the beauty of nature and I want you to enjoy it with me.

Area Photos

You can take photos in the areas you work in.  You can take images of delicious food, beautiful cups of artistic coffee, independent stores, vintage store items, squirrels running in the park and mention it in your post.

“Having the best coffee ever, watching the sunrise off the pier. ” Or, say you like to hike, “Hiking before breakfast, WHO DOES THAT?”  and post an image-or better yet a video-of you hiking to the top and view of city or forest below.

This type of imagery says I’m from here, I live and breathe this air with you, pay attention to my amazing life.  And if you are an amazing hiker, you might be an amazing general contractor too.

Your Inspirations

Beautiful places inspire more beauty.  Imagine you are at a Japanese Zen Garden and photograph the still waters with koi fish.  You can say, “I love this Japanese Zen Garden.  It inspires me to do great things with my own garden.”

Imagine you walked through a beautiful hotel lobby. You can say, ” As an urban explorer, I can’t get enough of this hotel’s lobby. The chandelier and light fixtures compliment the beauty of this Victorian lobby, yet the subtle updated sleek designs and color scheme makes it relevant, modern, and very 2016. This lobby inspires me.”

Your appreciation of beauty that inspires your work, inspires others too.  They might be inspired to do a miniature zen garden or redo their living room with you in mind because you described the lobby with precision.

Your Family

In case you did not know this, family is great!  People want to see your family being silly, being happy, dealing with a dead goldfish.  People want to connect with you.  Whether it be pets, kids, your parents, or your nephew- share your personal life.  People want to get to know your authentic self.

You can post an image of your pets and say, “IDK how they do it, but I smile every time I see them. (image of pets being silly).”  “My kid asked me to finger paint and I had to outdraw them” (an amazing drawing of a waterfall and a unicorn leaping over a rainbow).

Being authentic gets to people’s core.  They remember what you say and they remember your name.  Being authentic puts you above the mail flyers and the ads they see because you are coming into their lives in a positive way, not in a selling way.

So Then Do I Never Mention I’m a Contractor?!

Go ahead and mention it, but say it once every 10th posts.  For example:

  • Take a video of projects you are in the middle of doing
  • Take a video or photo of a completed project
  • Talk about how proud you are of your project

Add your website link to your bio so it is always there for someone to find.  You can send people to a landing page so they can get a quote from you in real time (See a demo from PBL at the bottom of the page).  There lots of things to do- just don’t sell.



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