6 Ways to Promote Your Property Betterment Leads Landing Page

Property Betterment Leads | Jun 1st, 2016| Lead Generation, Property Betterment Leads

6 Ways to Promote Your Landing Page

If you don’t already know what we do, it’s simple: we provide you an optimized landing page where home owners enter their home address and fill out a request for quote, capturing the potential clients’ home address and contact information to which you will contact them about their job request.

You can create as many landing pages as you like, but no one will find it unless you promote it. Let’s get started!

Promote Your Home Improvement Lead Generation Landing Page

Landing pages like Property Betterment Leads offer prospects something they truly want,  a quote, and if you show the landing page to people who are in need of your service, you will get leads. Here are a few ways to promote your landing pages:

  • Facebook Ads: When promoting your Property Betterment page on Facebook, it’s important to re-frame your ads from the traditional “this is what I do” copy because the whole point of a landing page is to get the potential lead to fill out their information and to tell you what they want done so that you can get into communication with them. Create a headline, short and sweet, clearly communicating what prospective clients get from visiting your site: hearing back from you regarding their request for quote. (Property Betterment Leads provides a great tutorial that you should follow exactly in order to get the most success from your Facebook ads.)
  • Google Ads:  This is another great way to promote your home improvement landing page with excellent copy. Modify your ads often to reflect different cycles throughout the year.
  • Mailers:  Using stats on the postcard is a great way to get the reader’s attention. For example, mention how updating a bathroom increases the value of their home and if they want to request a quote send them to your landing page. 
  • Business Cards and Email Signature: You can also include your landing page URL on your email signature or your business cards.
  • Widget on Website: Property Betterment Leads has a widget you can add to your website.  If you don’t already have a section for people to fill out a form to give you information, now you do.
  • Community Pages: Facebook has a steady roster of community pages all over the country where people share and trade information. You’ll be surprised at how many people will share tools like Property Betterment Leads with each other.  Look up your city, neighborhood or area and also “general contractor group”, “goods”, “garage sale”, “yard sale”, “resale”, “information trading”.  Make sure you check the pages’ rules to make sure you can post the information and use discretion when posting your site by checking out the kind of information you see people sharing. OR you can get a friend to share your URL for you if they are a member of the same page.

Have you looked into a landing page like Property Betterment Leads to start generating home improvement leads?

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