Create Home Improvement Ads And Articles Around These Facts About Home Owners

Property Betterment Leads | Jun 27th, 2016| Lead Generation

If you are doing PPC your goal is to get a lead.  Create your home improvement ad and articles with facts about the personality and buying styles of each generation. Below are ideas about what kinds of home improvement ads to create and also what types of articles the ads can point to.  The articles should focus on providing useful and interesting information about renovation and upgrades, but also maintaining the home.

Fact 1: Younger boomers (those closer to age 51) are more likely to buy multi-generational homes than any other generation.   They have parents to take care of and their own children.

What to do: Title your ad, “Interested in a multi-generational home upgrade?”  You can send the viewer to an article or blog about different kinds of renovations you can do to convert a home to match a multi-generational living situation.

Fact 2:  Older boomers, the silent generation, and millennials are more likely to buy smaller homes.

What to do: Title your ad, “Small space upgrade/renovation.” You can send the reader to an article or blog about all the different kinds of upgrades or renovation that can be done to maximize their space.

Fact 3:  84% of home buyers bought homes that was previously owned.

What to do:  Title your ad,  “Addressing previously owned home issues [with plumbing, with flooring, with insulation].”

What to do: Send the reader to, “10 [Plumbing] [Flooring] [Home Improvement] Things to Address Immediately On Previously Owned Homes” And include issues to look out for and point out things that are serious and need immediate attention.

Fact 4:  Home buyers 35 years and younger bought older homes.  The median home was built in 1984.  That means these homes are 30 years old.

What to do: Create an ad about “Addressing issues with 30 year old homes,” and target homeowners that are 35 and younger only. Create an article about things those homes need.  So for example if you are a gardener, you can discuss upgrading older irrigation systems, and putting in plants that are in style, like drought resistant gardens and mini farms.

Fact 5: For ages 51 years to 69 the median home was built in 1995.

What to do: Create an ad about “Addressing issues with 20 year old homes,” and target homeowners that are 51-69 years old. Create an article about things those homes need- upgraded roofing, new flooring, repainting walls…

Fact 6: At minimum home buyers have reported that they plan to stay in their homes for 10 years or more, even some reporting never moving.

What to do: Your ad can say, “Happy Home Upkeep Checklist,” and point people to a checklist with things to pay attention to weekly, monthly, yearly, every other year to keep a healthy home.  If it is a checklist that the reader can print out and put on the fridge, include your name, phone number, website on the bottom or top somewhere.  You can also talk about how to upgrade homes to remain happy.

Side note:  In every generation there are people buying differently than the majority of their generation. So if your multi-generational ad does well, you can apply it to a  younger audience like generation X because they also have both young children and aging parents.

At the bottom of the article create a call to action to get the reader to exchange their email or phone number for an ebook that is written for the generation your article and ad was targeting or free consultation.  So now you’ve turned the reader into a lead.  You can add the lead’s email to a drip campaign and send emails  (testimonials,  recently completely projects, free consultation).








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