Capture The Attention Of People Moving

Property Betterment Leads | Aug 25th, 2016| Lead Generation

Moving is an opportunity for people to try new things.  It is also an opportunity for you to get new customers.  Moving creates need- need to repair, need to renovate, need to install, need of packing tape.  Why is there never enough packing tape?!  Focusing your attention on people who are on the move may be the only time they will need you and your services for years to come.

Keep The Following In Mind When Building Your Ads

  • Most people move in March and April though Millennials move throughout the year.
  • During this time, people discuss all sorts of things during their moving-time including decorating, installations, repairs, renovations.
  • People make move-related purchases 3.2 months before their move and 3.8 months after their move.
  • The average amount spent is around $9,000 per household on goods, services and financial products.

Some Things To Think About When Creating Your Ad

  • If people are moving as early as March and you want to get in front of them before their move so that they see your ad over and over again, you’ll want to start advertising to them in January.
  • If people move in as late as April and purchase up to 3.8 months out, you’l want to continue running ads all the way through August.
  • Since people are already talking about decorating, installations, repairs, and renovations, consider these as keywords for your ad by mirroring people’s own conversations.
    • Say, “Get your repairs done now before you show your house.”
    • Say, “Get your renovation completed before moving in.”
    • Say, “Complete your installations before moving in.”
    • Say, “Get us out to repaint your house ASAP before your next showing.”

These guidelines are a way to get into the mind of the lead and get in front of them before they consider anyone else. As with any lead, follow up consistently and immediately.





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