Checking In on Your Online Health

Property Betterment Leads | Sep 6th, 2016| Business

The health of your business can depend on how well you are doing online so it is important enough to check in on at least weekly for about 15 minutes.  A way to make sure you check weekly is to set up a calendar event to check for example every Tuesday at 8 PM.


  • What people are saying about you:  Businesses can do well and poorly based on what others are saying about them, regardless of the truth.  You’ll want to keep on top of responding to people’s reviews even bad one.(This was written on how to address Yelp reviews but can be used to address any negative review)
    • Google right column:  Go to Google and type in your business name.  If there is any info about your business, it will show up on the right side of page including reviews.
    • Facebook reviews:  You can turn these on and off, and if they are on, you’ll be able to immediately see the ranking on the front page.  Read through your reviews.
    • Twitter:  You can check weekly or have your notifications turned on so you can see what people are asking and saying.
    • Yelp Reviews and Angie’s List: Read your reviews to see what people are saying.
  • What pages people are accessing on your website: It’s good to know what pages people are visiting so you know what you need to work on.  Track this with Google Analytics.
    • For example if you noticed people are going to your contact page but no one is contacting you, you can double check to make sure you are providing the correct information or if you need to provide more information.
      • If you only have a phone number, you may want to put an email.  You have to put as many different ways as possible for people to get in contact with you.
      • Service page: if people are on your service page for too short a period it could be because people couldn’t find what they needed or it was too far down the page.
  • How you rank with Google and other search engine: Its important to know what page you are on Google and other search engines like Bing.  Basically if you are not in the top three listed sites, it will be difficult to find you organically.  You’ll want to work on your blogs and keywords to rank higher.

By doing the the above weekly you can keep track of the online health of your company.

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