How To Choose The Best General Contractor Domain Name

Property Betterment Leads | May 22nd, 2016| Marketing

As a general contractor or someone in that industry, and you want to start up a website, the first thing you need to do is to choose a domain name.

Your domain name needs to be one of the following:

  1. your business name dot com
  2. keyword rich

Below are some useful tips about how to choose a keyword rich domain name for your website.


Keyword rich domain names should make sense and play a role in search engine optimization (SEO).  Keywords are words people type into Google to find a business.  If you use the right combination of keywords, your site may be found easier by potential clients.  If you specialize in flooring in Alpine, your domain name could be  If you specialize in home restoration in Chicago, your domain would be

If you want to use your business name and mix it with SEO you can.  Say your business name is Busy Carpenter and you are centered in Milwaukee, you would pick a domain like so when people type in carpenters in Milwaukee, your domain name contains all the right words.


Contractors make the mistake of using their personal name as their domain.  Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo can’t index your name properly because your name doesn’t mean anything to the search engine robots. The domain name is a massive part of getting indexed properly.  A business in the solar business wouldn’t call themselves That makes no sense and would “confuse” the search engines.  All things being equal, if I am doing a search for Dallas solar panels, what do you think is going to come out on top? or

Yes, content plays a huge part in ranking, but take every advantage possible when it comes to being ranked properly and highly by search engines.  If the name of your business is John Doe, then I would suggest changing the domain to I ALWAYS suggest that you purchase your own full name as a domain, but don’t use that as your primary website. You can always redirect to your primary domain.


In order for people to get to your site, they have to remember your site’s name.  Do not pick words or domains that are too long and do not use uncommon words or odd combinations.  Common words would be whatever you do and city. Pick words that people associate with your business.  Like,, or If the most obvious names have already been taken or someone is squatting on the domain you want, do not despair and do not spend $10,000 to buy it!

Just mix it up a bit and get creative, so the thinking would go something like,,,,  If you can find a good domain that has yet to be registered, you can buy it from a website like GoDaddy for less than $13.  Also, on a tangent here but just remember: you cannot have a trademarked name in your domain.


In every example of domains I have used .com. People will automatically assume it is a .com even in this era of .me, .house, .wedding, etc. Even if the domain name is right in front of lead such as on a flyer or your business card, s/he will immediately look at the domain name and ignore the end part.


Google has a Keyword tool and is invaluable to find out how people search, what exact words they are searching for, and in what combination. Do you want to use “General Contractor,” “home repair,” or “home improvement” for your specific area?  Do people search for the state, or city and state, or just city?  If they use city, is it spelled out or abbreviated like Los Angeles or LA? Use Google Keyword Tool to decides what combination of terms is best for your area.

Domain names can be a very important part of your online lead generation strategy.  Don’t rush to pick a name. Think about it, sleep on it, and be creative.

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