Why General Contractors Need Landing Pages on Websites to Convert Leads

Property Betterment Leads | Jun 14th, 2016| Lead Generation

You may have gone to a website with a landing page without knowing what is was called.  Remember that one time you landed on a page with a specific offer (demo, ebook, free trial) and gave your email to gain access? That’s a landing page.  If you are a general contractor, you should consider adding a contractor landing page to your website to convert leads into sales as part of your lead generation strategy.

Why a Website is Not Enough

Websites have a lot going on.  Websites inform readers about you.  Websites inform viewers about your home improvement blog, about how you look like, what services you offer, how amazing you are with all your testimonials.  Maybe you can show off a cool article that a magazine or newspaper wrote about your work.  You might have a video showing off your latest home improvement projects.

And that is the problem with websites.  They do everything, but what you really need.  All the different pages a website has allows the reader to navigate aimlessly and purposelessly.  Presenting so much information to the reader and expecting the reader to comprehend you want something from them is the furthest thing from their mind because you didn’t tell them.  Websites make it easy for leads to leave without ever talking to the website owner-you.  Someone can be on your website right now and you wouldn’t even know it (unless you are tracking).  All this information you provide creates no urgency on the reader’s part to convert into a client.

Contractor Landing Page Function

The whole point of a landing page is to get personal information from the lead- name, address, phone number- in order to get a chance to connect with the lead and convert the lead to a client.

In order to get that personal info though, you’ll need to give something in return such as an ebooks (100 ways to upgrade your house), a remodel calculator, or a request for quote tool.

Example: You have an ebook image on your landing page, “100 Ways to Upgrade Your House,” and next to the ebook image is a request for email to have access to that ebook.

You won’t have any of the following: the business contact info, headers, about us tab, menu bar, no movies, gif images, or search bars, no testimonials… The landing page may look like your website just stripped of everything or the landing page may look completely different like when you add a landing page widget to a page on your website.

You will have all the following on your Contractor Landing Page:

  • At the top:  an image of your logo and or your business name.
  • Clear headline:  Free Ebook on “100 Ways to Upgrade Your Home.”
  • Clear sub-headline: “See 100 images and descriptions of upgrades you can do to your home from the basement to the attic, from the front yard to the back, and from the studs up.”
  • Relevant image:  Even if they aren’t getting a real hardcover book, but an ebook, the image of the book cover makes sense to any landing page visitor.  On the book cover you’ll want an image of a house with a clear title so your lead knows what they are getting when they sign up.
  • Request of personal information:  Ask for as little information as you need. If you have to have their home address get their home address. Ask yourself, do you need their last name or just a first name.  Do you have to have both an email and a phone number, or just an email?  Would it be good enough just to ask for a first name and an email?  You don’t need their birthday do you? You’ll have a lower conversion rate with every additional request of personal info.
  • Submit button:  Get a submit button and it can say, “Get it free now.” “Download free ebook now.”

A contractor landing page will help get you business by keeping the focus on getting the lead’s info to you so you can convert the lead into a client.

You must follow up with the lead by contacting them ASAP to convert them into a client, hopefully.

You can also add them into a drip campaign and database so you can target them continuously.

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