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Property Betterment Leads | Oct 26th, 2016| Business

As the months go by, we are doing more on our smartphones because the world is moving towards being mobile friendly.  We are getting used to touching a screen, texting on a full keyboard and even go days without calling anyone.  You might go days and weeks without touching your laptop.  We have what we need at our fingertips, in our pockets, and we expect everything to be easily done right away.

So now imagine your ideal customer.  Guess what- they are on their smartphones and not on their laptops, so that begs the questions:

  • Is your website mobile friendly?
  • Are you mobile friendly General Contractor?

1. Don’t worry, Think Mobile

In case you missed it, we are moving to a mobile world so look at your site on your phone.  Answer the following questions:

  • Can a lead find your phone number easy?  Can the phone number be tapped so it can be called?
  • Can a lead find your email easily?  Can the email be tapped and the email system auto-populates?
  • Can they get to your services page with 1 click?
  • Can they get to every page within 2 clicks?
  • Can images be easily viewed and zoomed in on? What about video?
  • Is the most important information at the top of each page?
  • Is the text on the page big enough (not all of us have 20/20 vision)?

Each question requires a yes answer from you to determine if your site fulfills the basic requirements of being mobile friendly.

2.  Getting the Site to be Mobile Friendly

If you had a developer recently make your site, it may be easy for them to make it mobile.  Ask them.

If your site is from 2006- a decade ago- or before your site may need to be overhauled to be mobile friendly.  You don’t want to do it, and you don’t have to, that is what your developer is for, however, if you want to do it or have a tech savvy teen hanging around have them build you one using themeforest- selecting a website that converts well to mobile too.

If your site doesn’t have pizazz though consider reading our other articles:

3. Make the Human Mobile Friendly Too

You are talking to a client and they need to sign a form before you can get started, but you’ve left it at the office.  Think about how having to get it to them later via email is going to set you back half a day.  You think to yourself, I should have copies in the trunk, but why do any of that when you can use the Cloud. Store all your documents to the Cloud so you can access it on your phone and get it to your client easily. Build a client file in the cloud so you can access all your notes on their project.

Other things to consider

  • Docusign- Use it to get contracts signed on the spot.  No need to scan anything either to your client, just email them a copy.
  • Quickbooks- Get paid on the spot, no checks needed and who has checks anyways?
  • Online lead gen, make sure the system is set up so the leads are being sent to your text so you have the ability to call leads within minutes (Within 5 minutes is optimal) instead of calling all your leads when you get home because the leads have moved on to your competitor.

To get new clients you’ll want to be mobile friendly.  To get back to leads quickly, you’ll want to be mobile friendly.  To make the clients happy, you’ll want to be mobile friendly.  To make yourself happy, follow the basics above and be mobile friendly already.

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