Setting up Facebook Ads for Home Improvement Leads

Property Betterment Leads | May 24th, 2016| Facebook Ads

Home Improvement Leads

Facebook is a great way to target home owners and generate home improvement leads. Once you place your first ad and start generating home improvement leads, the ads can be fine tuned to increase your return on investment (ROI).

How to Set Up your Facebook Ads

  1. Go to to place an ad (even if you already have a business page).
  2. Imagine who you want to see your ad.
    1.  In this case you are most likely targeting the decision makers also known as homeowners.
    2. Know the zip code of the neighborhood you are trying to reach: you don’t want to make an ad targeting a different state or home owners 400 mile away.
    3. Knowing your audience’s activities and interests combined with a city will yield a more effective reach.
    4. Now that you are narrowing down your ad by making it focused, you will want to avoid a target group that is too small (or wide). Luckily, Facebook will inform you about your audience size as you build your ad.  Also, you’ll want to target both men and women most likely between the ages of 28+ because seriously, how many 22 year old homeowners do you know?
  3. If the neighborhood you want to work on is near amenities like a fitness center, country club, mall, etc., then make sure you target those hobbies in the interest section of your targeting parameters.

Ad Type and Bidding

  1. The goal of your ad is to get them to your website so you’ll want to select “website clicks.” You may want to provide a landing page and have the lead fill out the request for quote and place an easy way to contact you. If you have a Property Betterment Leads landing page, for example, then you will want to direct them to that page. The copy on your page should then reflect a question such as “Are you looking for a carpenter?” or a statement such as “Get Your Complete & Accurate Plumbing Quote Now!”
  2.  You’ll want to assess what your budget is for ads.  If you want your ad to run for three weeks and your budget is $210 then you would set a daily ad spend of $10/day.  You can also do a lifetime budget which means ads will run until the budget runs out so if $210 runs out, the ad stops.
  3. Finally, confirm your ad is in your target audience’s personal page news-feed so that your ad looks like your target audiences’ other posts from their friends and family, yielding three to four more clicks more than if you put your ad in the right column.  We do not recommend any ads in the right column, they do not convert as well.  Some people on Facebook are only on it through their mobile phone, select the mobile option too.  Avoid audience network, which places your ad in games.  Don’t boost to Instagram either.


  1. Give your target audience an appealing visual of your work by using an image of an attractive house with beautiful work (whatever you do house +garden or house +solar)  The audience doesn’t know you so profile picture or a logo is detrimental to using your ad budget wisely.
  2. In the same campaign, change your picture and text to appeal to your audiences.  Doing this will help you test your image and copy to see what is the most successful combination.
  3. When it comes to Facebook ads, short and sweet is the way to go.  A call to action that is focused works best. For example, “Click here to get your kitchen quote. Get your free quote today.” Once they go to your website or landing page and send in their email with other info, you should quickly generate a quote.
  4. Your headline has to be eye-catching so people know exactly what they will be getting or what to do.  Ask a question or mention right away what your offer is.
  5. In the Advanced Options section, include copy in the Newsfeed Link Description, which gives leads a bit more info e.g. such as how to get in touch with you, or the types of properties you focus on (houses versus condos).
  6. When a potential lead or lead likes your page, their friends will see it as “So-So likes your business” and your ad will appear on the friend’s news-feed if you check the “Social Activity on the Ad.” Your potential lead’s or lead’s friends may like your page or take action too.
  7. So what’s a good amount to spend? Do what you can afford.  General rule is 10% of revenue goes towards ad spend.  As you run ads you may be curious on how to figure out different kinds of cost.
    1. Cost per lead: divide how much you’ve spent by the number of leads for that same period.
    2. Cost per conversion (the lead becomes a client) by dividing number of clients yielded from your ads by how much you spent for the ads up to the time the last client clicked on your ad.

Some parting tips:

  • Review your ad’s analytics DAILY. You’ll want to see how your ad is performing and adjust accordingly.
  • Test, test, test your ads often. Test two ads in the same campaign to the same audience but try a different picture or different copy. The point is to change just one element and keep all others the same in order to see what aspect of the ad yields the most performance.  This is known as A/B testing.
  • The one thing we see often, is broken links or incorrect information.  Always copy and paste your newest website or landing page link.  Do not type it in and do not use an old link saved to notepad.  You only get one chance to make an impression- make the correct one.
  • Don’t forget – once your ads start generating home improvement leads, following up by email, phone, regular mail, in person, or text is still important to do! Leads are great, but only your sweat and tears can convert them to paying clients!

Use this as a general guide to setting up your first Facebook ad to generate home improvement leads, if you need help setting up an ad, feel free to contact us.


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