Finding Leads For Your General Contractor Business

Property Betterment Leads | Jan 24th, 2017| Lead Generation

You’ve heard business professionals and marketing experts talk about the importance of online marketing for all kinds of businesses, including general contractor businesses.  It is important to have a strong internet presence to generate online contractor leads.  So how exactly do you go about using the web to find leads for your contractor business?

Here are some ways to get you started.

Video: Love it or hate it, video is quickly becoming the next major revolution in lead generation. Start by recording short videos like a simple FAQs, updates on the latest techniques or styles, or a video tour of a recently completed project. Remember, you are a general contractor, not a movie producer. People aren’t expecting Hollywood quality videos. Just keep it professional, good lighting, clear… etc.

Create a social media account for your contractor business: Try popular networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.  Once you create your account, join relevant groups such as work related associations in your geographic region or associations for contractors.  To have success with social media interact with people such as current and future clients and provide value through your social media profile. Two examples of smart ways for a contractors to use social media: Respond to user comments and share helpful construction related articles.

Website: Don’t forget to work on your website so that your site is working to your benefit. Your general contractor website needs to be easy to navigate, concise, and should solve the challenges that your visitors are dealing with.  It is also important that you have a hook to keep visitors on your page: Business Insider says that on average, a person stays on a website for less than 60 seconds!

Pay Per Click Advertising: If you are looking for quick leads and are willing to pay for them, pay per click advertising is a great way to drive traffic to your site quickly. There are multiple advertising platforms: Google, Facebook, and AdRoll.  These platforms have become more and more popular as targeting has become more focused on lead generation. New to the business? Then this may be the best way to get your business boosted quickly.

Invest in email marketing: Provide a helpful newsletter that gets sent out monthly as a way to improve relations with prospects. Try to get a good mix of general contractor and non-general contractor related articles. Not a good writer or have no time to write your own emails or newsletters? Find a service who can do it for you.  Create a sign-up form on your website that allows potential clients to get on your mailing list so you have a way of easily reaching out to them. The Harvard Business Review reports that direct mail is about 100 times more expensive than email marketing, even though the two tactics have similar response rates.

Get going on these suggestions and you should be able to generate contractor leads.