Have You Considered Cold Calling To Get Home Improvement Work?

Property Betterment Leads | Sep 22nd, 2016| Marketing

Before you even start cold calling, try to internalize the script through practice until you feel comfortable modifying it to fit your personality.  You can also start cold calling immediately.

Introductions:  You can’t call and just say give me work.  Try, “Hi, my name is Sam Smith.  I’m from HandyMan in Springfield and I’m calling you to find out if you are in need of home improvement services.” Or if you are in one neighborhood a lot, you can say, “Hi, my name is Sam Smith.  I’m always working in this neighborhood.  I recently worked on a neighbor’s house and I’m interested in doing more home improvement work in this neighborhood.  Have you noticed any work needing to be done?”

Use Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams (F.O.R.D):

Get to know the lead’s background Get to know your lead as a person.  Be interested in them.  No selling is involved, but a relationship is being built. No one wants to be sold to.  Control the conversation with your questions.  You can do this right after your intro or lead into using this tactic.  You don’t have to to focus on family first.  If they lead says, “Well, I’m too busy right now to deal with contractors.” that opens up the conversation to talk about their occupation and build the relationship.  You can then move to dreams and ask why they are working so hard.

If the conversation is going well, but they don’t need anything now, you can say, “You aren’t thinking about any home improvement now, but our conversation was so nice, I wanted you to think of me in the future when you have projects you want to complete.  May I add you to my montly newsletter?”  Get their email.  You don’t need the yes now, right?  You might use that yes for another day.

If you get a no… well lets face it, you’re going to get a lot of nos or N/A.  You can say, “Well, do you have any neighbor’s whose house is purple and needs a paint job?  Everyone has that one neighbor whose house looks like a disaster.  You might get a laugh and it might get their memory jogging.  They might say, “Actually, Mark mentioned he wanted to find a painter but hasn’t had time.   They might laugh and say, “No our neighbors are great and we all get along.”  This comment leads you to back to F.O.R.D.

Ideas To Consider In Regards to Cold Calls

  1. Mojo Dialer–  www.mojosells.com.  You can be more effective with your time by using a triple line dialer to talk.  If you average 100 calls per hour and one new client for 100 calls, you could potentially double your work by using a triple line dialer within the same hour.  You can also use Mojo to help you map out a small area like an area you working in right now and Mojo will provide you with phone numbers in one area.
  2. Mindset
    • When someone says no, be grateful.  Its not the answer you want, but it’s a good answer because they are not interested in the service.  No matter how rude they are, always say, “Thank you and have a wonderful day.
    • Know Why are Cold Calling.  In order for your business to grow, you need new clients.  In order to feed your family, you need new clients.  Cold calling puts food on the table and gas in the car.  Know your WHY and focus on that so when you are having a bad day, not feeling up to it, focus on the why to get dialing.


Pro Tips

Never lie. Don’t ever say, you talked to their wife or husband and that they said that you could come by.  Lying doesn’t work and people will always remember that.

Don’t quit.  If it’s your first day, you might get zero client prospects, you might get 1.  Who becomes good at cold calling in a day?  Who goes from not knowing how to chop garlic to becoming a chef in a day.  No One.  Pun in the effort and reap the rewards.

Devote time.  You don’t have to cold call all day.  Try a goal like 1 hour, or 200 phone calls, or 50 nos, or 1 yes.  Do try to do it daily.

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