Home Improvement Blog: 5 Essential Questions To Ask Before Starting

Property Betterment Leads | May 27th, 2016| Blogging

home improvement blog questions to ask

We are all about blogging.  It took us a lot of tries and a lot of frustration to get to a point where we are comfortable blogging and being disciplined enough to do it consistently, which lead us to think about other people and their desire to blog.  We don’t want anyone to be intimated by blogging, but is it worth your time? Are you going about it the right way? So how long does it take for a home improvement blog to generate leads?

There are a number of factors that will determine how long it takes for a home improvement blog to generate leads for your business.  Let’s take a look at the essential questions to ask before starting up a home improvement blog.

Brand new domain or existing domain?  On a brand new domain, expect it to take a while to start generating results because you have to build content.  Don’t be distressed if you show up on page 8 on Google.  If you are diligently working on your blog and are still on page 8 on Google 6 month after you start, you can start to fret and revisit this article.  If you have an existing domain go ahead and use it, but that doesn’t mean instant success or results either.  That’s because a domain with existing poor content, infrequent updates, and no page rank won’t get results either.  A useful keyword rich general contractor domain name may help you rise in ranks.

Do you know what clients you want? – There are only so many hours in a day to work and there is only so much of you and your team to go around.  Do you know what clients you want?  Do you want to only work on projects that are $20k and up?  Write about projects that cost around that much.  Do you want to work with people who go through your vendor only and work with your design people only?  Write articles about projects getting completed in house.  Be exclusive.  Find clients you want to work with, do not write for everyone and every hot thing going on right now.  You don’t have to join that hype train.  Talk about the jobs you want to get from your blog and you will get them.  Other blog ideas

How consistent can you be? The problem with just about every blog out there is that they do great for the first couple of weeks and then business picks up or a long holiday starts up like Thanksgiving to Christmas and blogging becomes a foot note.  The problem is search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo want your first born- just kidding-want you to consistently deliver fresh content or they’ll forget about you.  There is always someone bigger, better, wants it more than you out there looking to gain ranking and work.  Ask yourself how much do you want to blog- everyday, every other day, or you can write a bunch of them and time their release.  Even releasing an article once a week for years is better than writing three in a week and then taking a long break.

Self-hosted or hosted home improvement blog? –  A Self-hosted WordPress.org site is the way to go because you have total control over your site but getting set up can be tricky if you are not familiar with it.  It can also make sense to host your blog on an alternative platform like squarespace.com or wix.com because it is easier to set up but the downside is that you will be limited on what you can do.

Check out our WordPress for Contractors Tutorial if you need help figuring it all out!

Do you have any sort of lead capture? – How do you know if you are getting any business from your home improvement blog if you have no sort of lead capture? Do you just expect people to call or email you and say “Hey, just read your blog now I want to upgrade my home!”?  You need to have a method to capture home improvement leads from your site/blog.  There are a number of ways this can be done: E-Books, consultation request, or even a Home Improvement Leads landing page from Property Betterment Leads or even just a newsletter signup form. You aren’t writing for fun, this is work and your hand work needs to turn readers into clients.

Hopefully you came away from this post with an idea as to how much time you ought to spend on your blog, the type of clients you want, and the importance of capturing leads from your blog.

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