How To Generate Home Improvement Leads With Videos on Projects

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How to generate home improvement leads

Video is a more powerful tool to generate┬áhome improvement leads than you may think. It’s an opportunity to share your work, your expertise, and you as a representative of the company. The videos don’t have to be in HD, narrated by Morgan Freeman. No one expects that. It does have to be clear, well lit, well rehearsed, show the finished product, and most importantly how to get in touch with you to get work done.

You need some basic things to start a video like your smart phone with a built-in camera, your voice, and the services you offer. Below are a number of different scripts for different fields. Let’s keep the videos under a minute.

How To Generate Home Improvement Leads

First things first, when you generate home improvement leads with video, whatever you are about to share has to have bright lighting. Blurry videos or darker videos will look less attractive and make your finished product look commonplace. Use the sun at its brightest, midday, to shoot the video. If your service isn’t done outside, but inside like plumbing or a paint job, shine a bright light on your work. To call attention to a certain spot, you can use a flash light to highlight. To point something out, you can use a laser pointer.

Make sure the end product you are sharing is clean, shiny, and perfect looking before you start your video. If you installed fixtures, wipe off all finger prints and dirt smudges. If you paint the walls, wipe it down to get rid of dust.

Pan slowly. Zoom in and out slowly. When you pan side to to side like for a garden, beautiful view, solar panels, walkway or pool, pan slowly and steadily. When you want to show detail like with custom woodwork, zoom in slowly. Everything has to be done slowly so people can see your work and the effects are smooth. As you are recording, if you see that the video is bumpy, you’ll need to square your stance, and rotate from the hip up only turning from your hips when necessary.

When you show your person, make sure the video camera is level, not low because no one wants to see up your nose. You can wear your work uniform or a clean outfit you might wear before the work gets going. You don’t have to be in a suit and tie. Whatever you wear has to fit the service you are showing off.

Use words a client would know but do not use complicated language. Use words like “energy efficient insulation,” but not “concrete block insulation.” This isn’t an instructional video so you don’t have to go into drying time or details about the size of the nuts and bolts.

Now you are ready for different types of scripts!

Everyone will start the video intro more or less the same way, Hello my name is [first name, last name] and I’m with [business name]. Today, I will be showing you [whatever the completed project is].

For example, “Hello, my name is Robert Alamitos and I’m with Alamitos General Contractors. Today, I will be showing you this brand new addition to the house.”

Another example, “Morning, my name is Jane Pine and I’m with Pine Gardening Service. Today, I will be showing you this drought friendly garden.”

Below are different bodies that can be said by different people in different industries.

For a new addition you can say, “This 1950’s style home had become too small for my client’s growing family and a brand new addition had to be made. The final product matches the home inside and out. Here, I was able to replicate the siding and panels. We were even able to match this 60 year old paint color. This new room is different in that the installation and windows are updated to meet the latest energy efficient regulation so the room will remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This new addition is 12 X 12 and includes a walk in closet.”

For new shades you can say, “The clients chose steel gray shades- a popular choice. Once the sun hit the blinds, it turned light gray, which matched their light floors and sky blue colored living room. The blinds block 93% of light and as you can see, the view from the condo was not obstructed. Note how the blinds do not let in a drop of sun on the side. The shade pulley system was mounted tightly to the wall to make sure the view remained the focal point. Now they can be in the living room all day, feel cool, and enjoy their spectacular view.

Renovated bathroom, “The clients wanted a beach themed bathroom with modern fixtures so the floor tiles are a sandy brown, the walls were painted light blue with a soft yellow ceiling, and the bath tiles are a wave pattern. We installed a rain shower head and a handheld shower head. We stuck to chrome plated fixtures.”

You can end with the following different styles:

“For more information of getting a new addition to your house, please contact me directly at 562-123-5678. I’m Robert Alamitos signing off and hearing from you soon.”

“This cost approximately $4000 dollars for labor and upscale parts and special order tile and was completed within 3 days. I hope you enjoyed my video. If you have questions about this video, please give me a call at 310-123-5678 and ask for Amanda Junipero.”

“It’s not everyday, I get to share my day with you and I hope you got good ideas from it. Do you have any questions for me? Give me a call at 8005-123-5678. I’m always available.”

When you upload it to the internet, make sure it is HD. If you load it up and it looks poorly done on youtube or your website, but great on your phone, you’ll have to upload via computer.

Video is a powerful tool to generate home improvement leads and get leads excited about your work. These useful tips will make any video better.

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