Baby Boomers Prefer Direct Mail

Property Betterment Leads | Jul 13th, 2016| Marketing

If you think Baby Boomers are sitting at home falling asleep in front of the television with a cat in their lap and with their hearing aid volume maxed out, you my friend are WRONG.

Baby Boomers are active.  Some are still at their job full-time and some are traveling extensively. Baby Boomers control over 70% of all disposable income and they are looking to remodel their homes to enjoy their home more, longer, to lower their need to do maintenance, to lower cost, and to enhance their lifestyle.

Baby Boomers prefer direct mail that focuses on their own happiness, personal growth, and being active.  Knowing this, you can focus your direct mailing strategy to engage with Baby Boomers by becoming relevant to their lives.

For example if you are using an image of Baby Boomers sitting on their porch instead of Baby Boomers bicycling, you aren’t speaking to their generation.  They don’t see themselves as retired and to be tucked away in the corner. They are out and about. Your ad will need to reflect that.

For example if you install tubs for seniors, you better start re-branding it as tubs for baby boomers.  The focus would be to help them relax and maintain their active lifestyle. Say, redo your bathtub to fit your active lifestyle or redo your bathtub to relax after your hike. Do not focus on brittle bones, weakness, and being old.  Get your point across by focusing on how to keep them young and active.

Baby Boomers are also looking to remodel to stay in their homes. They want their homes to be easier to take care of and less expensive.  Say, Install “X” and use the extra savings on a trip.

Can you make their home more fun? Say, turn your backyard into a water wonderland with our pool jacuzzi combo. Portray Baby Boomers as being active and happy in your ad.  You can also add in older children into the image too.  These are things Baby Boomers relate to.

This generation is friendly to direct marketing and prefers a direct message so include a call to action such as “Contact us for a quote,” “Take action now. Call us.,  “Tomorrow waits for no one.  Visit our site now.”

This generation does not shy from technology, so you should include on your postcard or flyer links to videos, demos, your Facebook Page, landing page, and/or website.

Baby Boomers are, however, older so use bigger font. Words under images need to be bigger too.

Plan on creating a 3-6 month campaign around these ideas to maximize results.

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