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General Contractor lead generation has been around for a while, but each company is different.  Some companies are scamtastic and some are useless.  Where does Property Betterment Leads stand?

If you haven’t had a chance to look at our site before reading the Q&A we recommend it!  Below are answers to question you have for Property Betterment Lead’s Home Improvement Lead Generation System.

So how much are you charging me per lead?/ How many times do you resell the leads to different contractors?

We don’t charge per leads. We don’t take a cut or percentage of the jobs you get from PBL. So if you get a million dollar job, one job, 10 jobs, or 100s jobs, the monthly service charge remains the same. You don’t sign up for small jobs or big jobs either.

PBL provides you with a landing page and you push traffic to your landing page (this is simple with our direction!). Even if you quit us, you take your leads by exporting them.

We never resell your home improvement leads either. zero, zip, zilch. They are exclusively your leads.

Leads are constantly shopping in the winter for jobs they want in the summer.  I don’t want to pay for leads like this.

With our system, you are paying for a monthly service. You might have leads that covert six months later mixed in with leads who need work done now.  No system is perfect- there are always looky-loos, tire kickers, but there are also bonafide leads needing work done ASAP and some leads who need work done six months from now.  Unlike other systems that charge you per lead for people who are just shopping around, we don’t.  You can tag this lead in your PBL back end that they are interested 6 months out and you can contact them in the summer.  Just work every lead.  Even tire kickers want cars!

Does the lead call PBL hotline for support?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We don’t undermine your business and we don’t cut you out. We don’t put our phone number with your company info and then sell back to you your leads when they call in.  That’s crazy. With PBL, everything goes to you. So the lead calls you. You input your business info in the PBL backend under your profile and that shows up on your landing page.

Don’t believe us?  Request a demo

What happens if I get no leads?

About two days after you push traffic to your PBL site (we have tutorials) and you see low lead count, contact us.   We will help you troubleshoot immediately and look at the ad ourselves immediately to get you back on track right away.                      

I’m not tech savvy and I don’t know how to buy a domain.

We provide you a subdomain, so for example firstname.lastname.propertybetterment.com. But at any time if you want a new domain, you could purchase one and input it on your backend.  We have a pictorial tutorial to set up your own domain and if you need help, email in to support.

I already have a website, I don’t need you.

Landing pages convert better than websites.  So the problem with a website is it is busy, ugly, might not function right, and has no clear call to action, or to many. A lead might go to your website and basically run amock on it and never contact you. Versus sending your lead to your landing page with a clear call to action, where they give you their address and fill out a request for quote and you contact them back.

The lead that contacted me through the landing page didn’t want the work done. I want to quit.

Sure, our cancellation policy is simple.  You email us saying you want to cancel and we will cancel your account within a couple of hours. However, keep in mind that you have a built in drip campaign with PBL. If the lead hinted that the price might be too high, but they seriously want to consider it in the future once they save up, the drip campaign will keep you top of mind.

So in 6 months, a year from now, while the system is working by sending them emails, reminding them that you exist, the lead can say to themselves, “Oh, hey, I remember you. I got a quote from you and a cool email from you, lets revisit this,” and contact you for the job.  Leads remember good customer service.  They can even recommend you based on you keeping in touch.

I already get leads from other companies, why do I need you?

For starters, there is no bidding war because it is all about YOU.  The lead goes to YOUR PBL landing page, enters in their information, our system alerts YOU ASAP via emails or texts that YOU got a lead, YOU make the quote, they email YOU back, YOU have a relationship with them and keep the relationship going with the PBL drip campaigns.

So it isn’t the lead goes to a big website, types in what they need, then it goes into a big system, that sends it out to 3+ contractors, who then rush back a quote, probably undercutting themselves. With these other companies you can’t maintain your relationship with your lead to turn them into a client in the future.

Another company took my info and put it everywhere without my permission. Are you going to do that.

No, we won’t hijack your info. We don’t set up yelp pages or yp.com or anything like that. We can HELP you set up your OWN pages though.

Whats your stance on setup fees?

They are crap! We have no set up fees and no early cancellation fees.

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Hope you got some good info from this Q&A.  To see more information, to sign up, to ask us questions see our homepage: Property Betterment Leads

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