How to Spot a Ready Home Improvement Lead

Property Betterment Leads | Jul 19th, 2016| Business

Working in home improvement, you know the importance of having a consistent stream of customers.

Simply put, you cannot be successful without leads that are ready to start projects. Let’s look at how to spot a home improvement lead that is ready versus a home improvement lead who may need months to make a final decision.

How to Spot a Ready Home Improvement Lead Checklist

  • Knows what they want
  • Knows their budget and can be flexible about have to increase it
  • Has images of what they want done or can explain in detail what they want done
  • Understands that there are many things to consider including your own time limitations
  • Is openminded to your opinion on the project and values what you say
  • Prepared to work with you to get the job done
  • Sets a date with you to start the project

Signs That The Lead Is Not Ready

  • Inflexible- they want something very specific at a specific price, but that doesn’t match the reality of the situation 
  • Approaches the project with an all or nothing mindset  
  • Says they are just looking (Though, a lead can say this to relieve pressure to purchase.) You may eventually get work from them, but it may take months.  (This lead is worth adding to a drip campaign if you believe they will eventually convert).
  • Uninterested in filling out the appropriate paperwork to get started.
  • Does not have a clear idea of what they want done
  • No budget in place
  • Does not set up a day with you to start the project
  • Does not return any of your emails or phone calls

Those interested, but are not yet ready should be added to a newsletter, drip campaign, Facebook group… etc to keep in touch with them.  After all, leads don’t have to get ready on your timeline.


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